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The Integration of Traditional Handicraft Skills in Art Education of Special Schools

2022-12-20 20:01Source:Journal of Educational ResearchViews:14times

The Integration of Traditional Handicraft Skills in Art Education of Special Schools

Liu Juan Yan Qianmei (Liangzhou district special education schools 733000)

Abstract:The integration of traditional handicraft skills into art education in special schools is the main way to implement aesthetic education. It can not only cultivate students' creative ability and innovative thinking, but also improve the quality and level of art education in special schools in traditional handicraft making courses with characteristics. Therefore, aiming at the development of traditional handicraft courses and exploring the ways of integration in art education of special schools, it is helpful to formulate the curriculum plan that accords with the art education of special schools, thus laying the foundation for the curriculum framework of art education of special schools.

Key words: traditional handicraft skills; Special art education in schools; fit in

With the continuous development of educational curriculum reform, the emphasis on art education in special schools has been raised. Especially under the guidance of modern art education concepts, the effective development of art education courses in special schools and the introduction of traditional handicrafts into special school classrooms can not only enrich art education activities in special schools, but also stimulate students' pursuit and yearning for the beauty of traditional art. Therefore, attaching importance to the combination of traditional handicraft skills and art education in special schools, tapping the corresponding teaching contents with rich educational resources, and creating a strong atmosphere of art education and handicraft making activities with Chinese characteristics according to the characteristics of students' physical and mental development and learning rules in special schools will help to promote the comprehensive ability and quality of special school students.

First, create an atmosphere of traditional handicraft education

When traditional handicrafts are integrated into special school art education, we should enrich the teaching contents of traditional handicrafts and actively develop special school art education with traditional characteristics, so as to carry forward and develop traditional culture, build a special school art education system with traditional characteristics, and encourage students to learn from it and find the learning interest of traditional handicrafts. Therefore, according to the students' learning characteristics and actual situation, creating an educational atmosphere of traditional handicraft skills, enabling students to practice in vivid situations, and implementing hierarchical teaching methods to help students develop their personality, especially when students are more actively involved in inheriting and innovating traditional handicraft skills under the influence of positive psychological effects, which will help improve the disabled students' artistic creation ability, and integrate their personality thoughts into the handicraft creation, thus laying a solid foundation for helping students' physical and mental health development and improving their practical ability [1]

For example, in the course teaching of "Huguang Qiuse", when folk paper-cutting, embroidery and decorative painting are introduced into the art education activities of special schools, it is necessary to make use of relevant video materials and text pictures to let students know about various traditional handicraft forms. For example, combining the manual skills of folk paper-cutting, allowing students to cut out white clouds, hills and ripples by paper-cutting is the intuitive expression of students' emotional attitudes and values, and also the achievement of students' hands-on practice. In addition, it is also necessary for teachers to innovate in communication and exchange, and combine the actual situation of communication and exchange of students with hearing impairment to solve the problems they encounter, so as to lead students to master the skills of handcraft and the knowledge of painting creation to break through the difficulties continuously in the teaching process of combining art education with handcraft. For example, in order to create the atmosphere of handicraft education, we can cultivate students' painting ability and creative ability by being close to students' life, choosing familiar subjects. Therefore, when the traditional handcraft is introduced, it presents the teaching content from simple to difficult, which encourages students to form a certain handcraft and painting foundation, thus laying a foundation for students to learn and master art knowledge and skills.

Second, to carry out various handicraft practice activities.

In the art education of special schools, teachers can teach through diversified teaching methods, combining the organic integration of in-class and out-of-class teaching methods. Especially in carrying out various forms of handicraft practice activities, when students combine their learned handicraft skills and art knowledge to create, they should be made to feel the atmosphere and local customs of traditional culture, so that students can have a strong learning interest and creative consciousness, and deeply understand the craftsman spirit of craftsmen, so as to always maintain their persistent and persistent attitude towards artistic creation. In this way, they can Therefore, in the organic integration of in-class and out-of-class teaching methods, it is necessary to focus on in-class teaching to impart relevant art support creation skills, while in the extracurricular practice teaching activities, it is necessary to focus on the learning characteristics and actual situation of special school students, and develop the main position of traditional handicraft teaching [2].

For example, in extracurricular practice activities, inviting the inheritors of intangible culture to enter the school, so that special school students can observe the operation methods and skills of traditional craftsmen at close range, which helps students to master some basic traditional handicraft skills. Organizing artistic creation activities of handcraft type in schools is mainly to enable students to integrate artistic creative thinking into handcraft, so as to create more personalized and unique works. For example, in the knot teaching of "Leaf Sticking", it can be combined with the mastery of the knowledge and skills of decorative painting handicraft, so that students can go out of the campus to collect leaves of various shapes and create shapes through the artistic form of decorative painting. Not only can they complete a series of operational tasks such as flattening leaves, drying them in the shade, and reserving them, but they can also extend the practice of traditional handicraft skills to physical modeling, thus improving students' basic knowledge and skills of artistic design.

Third, build a professional teaching team.

In the art education of special schools, building a professional teaching team can shift from monotonous painting methods to diversified painting methods, or from single teaching form to diversified teaching activities. It can not only increase the artworks contacted by special school students according to the teaching requirements of textbooks and the actual situation of special school students, but also improve the art design skills of special effect students and create more art works. It can also provide comprehensive guidance and full development for special school students, so that special school students can have the quality of art design. Therefore, the cultivation of students' artistic ability and artistic thinking in special schools, combined with the traditional handicraft teaching methods, will help to inherit and develop the traditional handicraft skills and achieve the teaching effect of words and deeds. In addition, teachers can fully recognize the teaching value of handcraft skills and lead students to learn and master the experience and methods of handcraft skills in the process of operation. Therefore, teachers' awareness of traditional handcraft skills and changing the concept of art education in special schools in the past will help to teach special effects students basic art knowledge and traditional handcraft skills. In addition, when guiding special school students to discover, appreciate, experience and create beauty, they will cultivate their noble quality and artistic quality in many ways, and then promote the development of special school students' coordination ability and healthy growth of body and mind.

Concluding remarks:

In short, the integration of traditional handicraft skills in art education in special schools, taking Chinese traditional handicraft arts as materials, and constantly enriching the contents and forms of art education in special schools, will help students to have a sense of mission to popularize and carry forward traditional arts in the process of improving their creativity and aesthetic ability. In addition, in order to carry out the differential development of middle school students in special school art education and to cultivate students' self-esteem, self-improvement and self-love, we should focus on the development of special school art education with Chinese traditional characteristics, further enhance students' thinking ability in images, and have the awareness of inheriting and developing Chinese traditional culture, so as to promote students' artistic creativity and healthy physical and mental development.


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Title: The research results of "Practical Research on Unified Handicraft Skills in Art Education Activities in Special Education Schools".