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Strategies for preparing for college entrance examination famous sentences and articles by dictation

2022-12-20 20:01Source:Journal of Educational ResearchViews:10times

Strategies for preparing for college entrance examination famous sentences and articles by dictation

◎ZhangJie (luveu middle school of ionka county   High school Chinese   Department Edition 325105)

Abstract: Ancient poetry is the traditional culture of our country, and it is also the key question type in the college entrance examination. For senior high school students, it is very important to master the dictation of famous ancient poems, which can not only enhance students' cultural literacy, carry forward traditional culture, but also improve students' Chinese scores in college entrance examination, and help students achieve good results. Therefore, teachers should attach importance to the teaching of ancient poetry and let students master the preparation strategies. Starting with the teaching of famous sentences and articles in senior high schools, this paper studies the strategy of preparing for the exam by dictation.

Keywords: college entrance examination; Famous sentences; Write silently; tactics

In the college entrance examination, the dictation of famous sentences and articles mainly includes two forms, namely, scene dictation and fill-in-the-blank dictation. The former refers to giving the corresponding situation through words, etc., allowing candidates to analyze the situation, and then writing relevant famous sentences. The latter refers to giving one sentence in a famous sentence, so that candidates can write another sentence. It can be seen from the form of examination questions that at present, students should not only be able to recite ancient poetry, but also really understand ancient poetry in order to get full marks. However, many teachers still have some problems to solve when teaching ancient poetry. Teachers need to analyze the current problems, and then put forward targeted preparation strategies.

First, the college entrance examination famous sentences and articles teaching status

The dictation of famous sentences is an important question type in the college entrance examination, and it is also a relatively easy question type to score. Most teachers can realize the importance of ancient poetry teaching, and they are more serious in teaching, hoping that students will not lose points in silent writing of famous sentences and articles. However, there are two problems in teachers' teaching methods. First, many teachers are used to letting students memorize ancient poems by rote in teaching. This way will lead to students' rebellious mentality and lose their interest in learning ancient poetry, which is not only detrimental to students' preparation of famous sentences and essays, but also detrimental to the promotion of our traditional culture, which is contrary to the concept of quality education in the new era. Secondly, some teachers only pay attention to recitation, but neglect dictation, which leads to the phenomenon that some students lose points in exams due to typos. Therefore, teachers must improve the teaching form of ancient poetry, so that students can truly understand and accurately memorize ancient poetry.

Second, the college entrance examination famous sentences silently writing test preparation strategy

(1) the combination of recitation and dictation

In the syllabus of the college entrance examination, there are clear regulations on the scope of silent writing of famous sentences and articles. Take the National Volume as an example. The National Volume requires senior high school students to master 64 ancient poems. Compared with other types of examination questions, the dictation of famous sentences and articles is the clearest and most specific. Teachers can lead students to review according to the outline of college entrance examination, so that students can fully master these 64 ancient poems. In the process of leading students to review, teachers should not only examine students' recitation, but also combine recitation with dictation. Because there are many uncommon words in many ancient poems, such as "Li Sao", "Hui Long" and so on, these words are difficult for students to remember, so teachers should focus on them. Otherwise, students will be able to recite it, but they won't get marks because of incorrect writing. When examining students' recitation and dictation, teachers should take rich forms to enhance students' enthusiasm for recitation and dictation. For example, in recitation and dictation, teachers can combine it with games. Choose an ancient poem, the teacher starts to say one sentence, and then ask the students to say the previous sentence or the last sentence. After the student answers correctly, the student starts to find the next student, and the cycle is repeated in turn. If there are uncommon words in ancient poetry, teachers can ask relevant students to write on the blackboard. This combination of ancient poetry recitation and games can effectively stimulate students' interest in recitation, promote students' initiative to recite ancient poetry and contribute to the improvement of review effect.

(2) Strengthening students' understanding of ancient poetry and prose

Many of the ancient poems in high school were learned in Grade One and Grade Two. After entering the third year of senior high school, students forget some ancient poems, and their understanding of ancient poems is also biased. However, in the process of leading students to review, teachers pay more attention to the examination of students' recitation, and rarely re-analyze ancient poetry. Because they don't understand, students have difficulties in reciting. Therefore, while examining students' recitation, teachers should also strengthen students' understanding of related poems. Teachers can explain the ancient poems again to ensure that students can fully understand the meaning of related poems. Only when students understand the meaning of ancient poetry, can they understand the structure of the context, and there will be no upside-down writing of sentences in ancient poetry. When teachers guide students to understand ancient poetry, they can create situations. Teachers can combine the background of relevant ancient poems and let students know under what circumstances poets write relevant ancient poems and essays, which will help students understand the emotions of ancient poems and essays. For example, when teachers lead students to review Difficult Road to Shu, they can explain the story of Li Bai seeing off his friend Wang Yan, so that students can deeply understand Li Bai's message of seeing off his friend. At the same time, teachers can also use the information equipment in the class to create corresponding scenarios. Take "Difficult Road in Shu" as an example. In this ancient poem, there are many sentences or words that students can't imagine. Teachers' language alone is not enough for students to understand the difficulties and dangers of the road. For example, words such as ladder, cross-off and green mud, teachers can play related pictures or videos through modern information equipment, so that students can fully understand how steep the ladder is. Students' full understanding of ancient poetry is helpful to improve the efficiency of recitation, which can greatly improve the effect of review.

(3) Pay attention to examination training.

In the dictation of famous sentences and articles in the college entrance examination, there are two kinds of questions, one is blank-filling dictation. For this kind of questions, students only need to master recitation and dictation to get corresponding scores. The other type of question is situational dictation, which mainly describes a famous poem and sentence through words, so that students can write related verses according to their own understanding [1]. Some students write wrong verses because they don't carefully examine the questions or don't understand the situations when writing situational dictation questions. Under such circumstances, teachers should attach importance to students' ability to examine questions. Teachers can sort out the silent scenes from the famous sentences in the college entrance examination over the years, help students analyze the key points of the scenes and the rules of the questions, and enable students to grasp the key points of the answers. At the same time, teachers should have their own ability to create scenarios and ask questions, so that students can get adequate training and constantly improve their ability of analysis and understanding.

(4) Guide students to sort out the wrong questions

In the process of students' review, sorting out the wrong questions plays a vital role [2]. It is easy for students to make the same type of mistakes in exams, and the same question will make repeated mistakes. In this case, blindly brushing the questions doesn't have much effect. It is necessary to record and sort out the right and wrong questions, and then analyze the causes of the errors to ensure that no mistakes will be made next time. Therefore, teachers should pay attention to guiding students to sort out the wrong questions when reviewing famous sentences. Combined with Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, students are guided to check the wrong questions regularly, remember the reasons for their wrong questions, and then deepen their memory, so as not to make the same type of mistakes again. This way of sorting out the wrong questions is the key to students' improvement.

Conclusion: To sum up, the college entrance examination is extremely important for senior high school students, which can be said to determine the fate of students. In the Chinese test paper of the college entrance examination, the silent writing of famous sentences is a kind of question type that is easy to score. Teachers should take appropriate measures in the process of leading students to review, so that students can get full marks in this question type, so as to promote the improvement of overall scores.


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This paper is the research achievement of Yongjia County's 2021 educational science research project (project approval number:) "Recitation and dictation scoring strategy of Chinese college entrance examination under the new curriculum standard".