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ISBN detail


School collaboration to draw "double subtraction" concentric circles

2022-12-20 20:01Source:Journal of Educational ResearchViews:4times

School collaboration to draw "double subtraction" concentric circles

◎Hua Yanping (Changzhou Qishuyan High School   Changzhou 213000)

Abstract: under the policy of "double reduction", actively explore the cooperative education strategy of home and school. According to the school situation, the concepts of "parent-child mutual assistance", "parent-child harmony" and "parent-child progress together" are put forward, focusing on the pain points of family education, proposing targeted measures, giving process guidance, and forming school-based measures: setting up tutor teams, developing special courses, and forming diversified curriculum types. The relationship between home and school is complementary and cooperative, and active and effective communication channels are constructed and active and effective information exchange is carried out, so as to promote the integrated development of home-school education.

Keywords: double reduction of home-school collaboration

The implementation of the "double reduction" policy promotes the return of school education and family education to their respective roles. With the continuous development of society, all kinds of changes in family life and education have been triggered, and problems such as tension in parent-child relationship and communication difficulties have plagued contemporary parents one after another. The mixed quality of parents directly affects the performance of parents' functions, which leads to various difficulties in family education. Parents can't learn and improve themselves with the times, which affects the effect of parent-child communication. Therefore, it is particularly urgent to guide parents' educational behavior and promote the development of family education. In the process of daily education and teaching, schools pay more and more attention to the guidance of students' values and mental health, which further promotes the process of collaborative education between home and school. Therefore, it is particularly urgent to explore the coordination between home and school under the background of "double reduction" policy. It is necessary to establish a complementary and cooperative relationship between home and school, build active and effective communication channels, and carry out active and effective information exchange, so as to promote the integration and development of home-school cooperation.

First, relying on the concept of guidance

The effective promotion of work can not be separated from the guidance of advanced ideas. We comprehensively apply the advanced ideas of Chinese and foreign educators such as Dewey, IELTS Bells and Liu Xilang, and creatively put forward three ideas in combination with the school situation: based on the understanding of the essence of education, we put forward the idea of "parent-child mutual assistance"; Based on the educational ecological view of "symbiosis", the concept of "parent-child harmony" is put forward; Based on the recognition of the concept of "common interests", the concept of "parent-child progress together" is put forward.

Second, carry out a questionnaire survey.

Based on the needs of parents, we can find out the real problems of family education and take targeted measures to solve them. Our school has carried out a questionnaire survey for students and parents, focusing on the pain points of family education and forming school-based measures, such as insisting on normalized home visits and conducting targeted communication; Follow up the families of key students, pay attention to the whole process and give guidance in a process. In the process of promotion, the educational emotion is brought into the students' families, and the problems are solved on the spot, thus enhancing the mutual trust between home and school, which is conducive to the formation of the joint force of education.

Third, establish a team of tutors

According to the needs of parents, experts are hired as a "leading" team of experts to come to the school to teach parents. Set up a "full-time" family education guidance team composed of the director of the research and development department, the head of the department, the excellent class teacher, the psychological teacher and the backbone teachers of family education to carry out various training, seminars and home visits. Set up parent committees at all levels at the class, grade and school levels to form an "empowering group of parents' lecturers" to answer questions about parents' concerns or confusions at the class and grade levels through various forms.

Four. Developing special courses

(1) "Improvement" course

Mainly for parents who have problems in family education concepts, attitudes, methods and behaviors. Help parents analyze the problems existing in family education and get rid of the predicament of family education.

(2) "Preventive" courses

Mainly for parents of different grades and categories, help parents to prevent various problems that may occur in family education. Improve parents' foresight of family education issues and adaptability of family education, so that family education can take precautions and nip in the bud.

(3) "developmental" courses

Mainly for all parents. Based on the characteristics of students' physical and mental development in senior high school, we should rationally use family education strategies to optimize the harmonious parent-child relationship. For example, articles on family education are pushed to parents through class qq, WeChat group, campus network, campus WeChat official account and other platforms, so as to broaden parents' learning channels.

Five, the formation of three classes.

(1) Special training courses: to popularize scientific knowledge and methods of family education and improve the quality and level of family education.

(2)Parent-child interaction class: carry out activities with various forms, strong interest, equality between parents and children and harmonious atmosphere.

(3) Online co-education class. Using the school WeChat WeChat official account, through resource sharing and regularly launching "tutor classes".

Strengthen the guidance of family education through special training, thematic activities and special study. The implementation of emotional goals has promoted the change of students' and parents' attitudes and actions. The class teacher and the class teacher joined in the implementation of the "parents' school" curriculum, which improved the relationship between home and school. At the same time, group activities can promote the revision and reconstruction of students' and parents' self-personalities. A safe, equal, trusting, tolerant, appreciative and orderly interpersonal relationship can also be built between schools and parents, parents and students. At the same time, it also improves the teachers' ability to communicate with others and get along with each other, as well as their curriculum leadership and professional research ability.


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