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A Brief Introduction to Domestic and Foreign Research Progress in the Recycling and Treatment of ...

2023-05-10 15:53Source:Social Science Research Forum

A Brief Introduction to Domestic and Foreign Research Progress in the Recycling and Treatment of Expired Drugs

Lulu Qi

Medical School of Medical Management, Shandong First Medical University, Tai’an Shandong

Abstract: Every year, the economic loss and environmental pollution caused by a large number of family expired drugs are attracting more and more social public attention. Through the research and analysis of the article which discussed the problems of family overdue drug recycling from different angles, it was helpful to strengthen the public understanding of the current situation of drug recycling, domestic and foreign research progress, and promote the progress of family overdue drug recycling.

Keywords: Recycling of Expired Drugs at Home, Research Progress



山东第一医科大学医药管理学院,山东 泰安

摘要: 我国每年因大量家庭过期药品处理不当造成的经济损失和环境污染问题引起越来越多社会公众的关注。通过对从不同角度探讨家庭过期药品回收处理问题的文章进行研究分析,有助于加强公众对当今过期药品回收现状、国内外研究进展等问题的了解,推进我国家庭过期药品回收处理工作的进展。

关键词: 家庭过期药品回收;研究进展