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A Sociological Study on Telecom Network Fraud and Trust

2023-05-10 16:55Source:Social Science Research Forum

A Sociological Study on Telecom Network Fraud and Trust—Based on a Survey of 50 Defrauded Persons

Xiao Wu1, Chen Yu2

1 Security Office, Department of Security, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing

2 Smart Campus Construction Center, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing

Abstract: The symbiosis of risk society and modernity, telecommunications network fraud aggravates the uncertainty of people’s knowledge, as well as the instability of abstract systems, and the anxiety of individual trust. Scammers transfer and steal individual trust, threaten the people’s life and property safety, and hinder the society from functioning well and developing. Based on the perspective of trust theory, this research uses empirical data to analyze the social mechanism of telecommunications network fraud and trust. Research shows that the trust mechanism has played an important role in telecommunication network fraud, and corresponding preventive strategies have been proposed from the perspective of trust.

Keywords: Trust, Fraud, Social Mechanism, Prevention Strategy





摘要: 风险社会与现代性共生,电信网络诈骗加剧了人们知识的不确定性、抽象系统的不稳定性以及个体信任的焦虑,诈骗分子转移及窃取个体的信任,威胁人民群众的生命财产安全,阻碍了社会良好运行发展。本研究以信任理论为视角,运用50名受骗者的实证资料进行电信网络诈骗与信任的社会机制分析。研究表明,信任机制在电信网络诈骗中发挥了重要的作用,并从信任视角对电信网络诈骗提出了相应的防范策略。

关键词: 信任;诈骗;社会机制;防范策略