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Research on the Problem of Home-Based Care Services in Urban Communities in Ethnic Areas under ...

2023-05-10 20:02Source:Social Science Research Forum

Research on the Problem of Home-Based Care Services in Urban Communities in Ethnic Areas under the Background of Population Aging

Jiaxin Wei

Political Science and Public Administration, Guangxi Minzu University, Nanning Guangxi

Abstract: With the increasingly serious aging problem in China, China’s pension problem is facing great challenges. Under the trend of population aging, urban community home care service as a new pension model has become particularly important. At present, due to its own characteristics, ethnic areas are in the initial exploration period of urban community home-based care services, facing some problems and difficulties. Based on the background of population aging and the actual situation of ethnic areas, this study analyzes the current situation and problems of community home-based care services in ethnic areas, and on this basis, puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to improve urban community home-based care services, in order to provide new ideas and new paths for urban community home-based care services in ethnic areas.

Keywords: Population Ageing, Urban Community, Home Care Services, Ethnic Regions



广西民族大学政治与公共管理学院,广西 南宁

摘要: 伴随我国老龄化问题的日益严重,我国的养老问题面临着巨大的挑战。在顺应人口老龄化趋势下,城市社区居家养老服务作为一种新兴养老模式变得尤为重要。目前,民族地区由于自身特点使城市社区居家养老服务处于初期探索时期,面临着一些问题和困难。该研究基于人口老龄化的背景,结合民族地区的实际情况,分析民族地区社区居家养老服务现状与问题,并在此基础上提出完善城市社区居家养老的对策建议,以期为民族地区城市社区居家养老服务提供新思路与新路径。

关键词: 人口老龄化;城市社区;居家养老服务;民族地区