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Book Detail

Book Detail


Prose Poetry of the South in English
Prose Poetry of the South in English
Translator: Jin Deming
Subjects: Literature_collections
Publication Date: December 2023
Book Format: Paperback
Dimensions(cm): 23/17/0.8
Pages: 125
Weight: 0.496 Pounds
Imprint: World Books Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-914915-39-0
List Price:

About Author

Jin Deming: Before his retirement, the author was a senior English secretary of the President Office of SAIC Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. and the Automotive Branch of Shanghai Foreign Investment Association, as well as an expert member of Translation Association of China. He won the national second prize of the Third Youth Award Translation Competition sponsored by Chinese Translator Journal in 1988, and the national first prize of the Fourth Han Suying Youth Translation Contest in 1992. In April 2023, he was awarded the honorary title of "Senior Translator" by the Translators Association of China. He has published more than a dozen works of text and video translation, including The Vicar of Wakefield and On Becoming a Woman, as well as other translation works, such as Painter Lu Yan Shao, Classical Style Chinese Poetry and Prose in English, A Hundred Ancient Style Chinese Poems & Lyrics, Selected Ancient Prose In English, Prose Poetry of the South in English, etc. 金德明:退休前是上汽大众汽车有限公司总经理办公室以及上海市外商投资协会汽车分会资深英文秘书,中国翻译协会专家会员。曾获一九八八年《中国翻译》主办的第三届青年有奖翻译比赛全国二等奖,一九九二年第四届韩素英青年翻译征文全国一等奖。二零二三年四月被中国翻译协会授予“资深翻译家”荣誉称号。出版过十来部文字和影像翻译作品,包括英译汉作品《威克菲尔德的牧师》、《少女人生》等,以及汉译英作品《画家陆俨少》、《古典诗文英译》、《古诗词百首英译》、《古文观止选译》、《楚辞英译》等。

Book Description

1. 离骚   Li Sao

2. 天问   Asking Heaven

3. 九章   Nine Chapters

4. 大招   Great Evocation

5. 九歌   Nine Songs

6. 远游   Travelling Far

7. 招魂   Calling Back the Soul

8. 渔夫   Fisherman

9. 卜居   Divination

10. 九辩   Nine Arguments

11. 惜誓   Grave Pity

12. 吊屈原赋   Elegy to Qu Yuan

13. 鹏鸟赋   Ode to the Roc

14. 招隐士   Calling the Recluse