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Overseas Chinese Press Inc is an comprehensive of bilingual publisher in New York, Includes the following imprints: Overseas Chinese Press, World Books Publishing, China Culture Press, World Science Publishing House, Empyrean Literature Publishing, etc. We are mainly publishes Literature, Arts, Biography, Lifestyle, Psychology and inspiration, Language, Academic research Works, publishes more than 200 Books a year. The language of publication is in English, Chinese and bilingual. ISBN allocation is relatively flexible, It can be submitted and approved at the same time. About 2-3 days give it to you. You need to Provide 5 copies of sample books within 60 days, and Cover file. Convenient us to register the book number, and in our website and Bookwire database query. Due to the needs of business development, we are now looking for regional agents for external cooperation.

Book Detail

Book Detail


BloodLine 15
BloodLine 15
Author: IO
Subjects: Literature
First edition: December 2021
Book Format: Paperback
Centimeters: 18.5/13/1.2
Pages: 165
Weight: 0.648 Pounds
Imprint: Overseas Chinese Press
ISBN: 978-1-63931-072-2
List Price:

About Author

IO is a comic book artist. She debuted in 2007 with her black-and-white comic Infinity Games. Her most famous work is the comic series Bloodline which has been running for over 10 years. Bloodline is an 18-volume series that has sold over 1 million copies. Her other well-known works include Guo Xin Hua, Class: Protagonist Games, and her short comic Upon the Wings of the White Moth.

爱欧,漫画家。2007年以黑白漫画《无尽游戏INFINITY GAME》出道。代表作有:系列漫画《血族BLOODLINE》,连载超过10年,现已经发行了18册单行本,累计销量超过100万。此外还著有长篇漫画《过心花》、《职阶:主角游戏》,短篇漫画《当一切归于白蛾》等作品。

Book Description

The modern society does not belong to humans alone. A mystical race has integrated itself into human society and still survives till this day. Lilo Ai is the last surviving Bloodline Vampire on the Eurasian continent. She very unwillingly goes on a journey with her nemesis, a Dark Tower Wizard named Longyin the Destroyer, and is immediately confronted by an extremely powerful and mysterious “cleaner” named Tuu. This confrontation soon became extremely dangerous to the point of being life-threatening.

At the same time, Lilo Ai’s offspring Nightblade runs into Lingsan, a Sister of the Order who had killed Nightblade when he was still human. Lingsan’s arrival triggered old memories and brought new troubles as she is confronted by Nightblade.

Meanwhile, “Cerberus”, an elite member of the Hound Sisters, is also on the move…