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Overseas Chinese Press Inc is an comprehensive of bilingual publisher in New York, Includes the following imprints: Overseas Chinese Press, World Books Publishing, China Culture Press, World Science Publishing House, Empyrean Literature Publishing, etc. We are mainly publishes Literature, Arts, Biography, Lifestyle, Psychology and inspiration, Language, Academic research Works, publishes more than 500 Books a year. The language of publication is in English, Chinese and bilingual. ISBN allocation is relatively flexible, It can be submitted and approved at the same time. About 2-3 days give it to you. You need to Provide 5 copies of sample books within 60 days, and Cover file. Convenient us to register the book number, and in our website and Bookwire database query. Due to the needs of business development, we are now looking for regional agents for external cooperation.

Book Detail

Book Detail


2022 Zhonghua Shixuan
2022 Zhonghua Shixuan
Editor-in-Chief: Chen Wenju, Li Chunxian, Kuang Peixu, Li Liangjie
Subjects: Poetry_collections
Publication Date: August 2022
Book Format: Paperback
Dimensions(cm): 26/18.7/2.2
Pages: 448
Weight: 1.775 Pounds
Imprint: Overseas Chinese Press
ISBN: 978-1-63931-378-5
List Price:

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