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Book Detail

Book Detail


Interdisciplinary exploration in arts education
Interdisciplinary exploration in arts education
Subjects: Education
Author: Youxin Bai
First edition: Nov 2022
Book Format: Paperback
Centimeters: 28.5/21/0.5
Pages: 42
Weight: 0.567 Pounds
Imprint: China Culture Press
ISBN: 978-1-63931-326-6
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Author Biography

Bai Youxin is a teacher at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, a member of the Sichuan Music and Literature Society, and a master's student, majoring in art education, interdisciplinary studies, and ethnic arts. 2014, she attended a study visit to the University of Grendel, the Royal College of Music, and Cardiff University. She has also participated in several summits hosted by the Ministry of Education. She has led a number of projects, specialising in classical dance and folk dance. Majoring in the fields of directing, choreography, and ethnic arts.

Book Description

Art is from but beyond life. Art is based on substantial evidences. The entire dance drama named The Silk Road Strewn With Flowers is derived from the murals in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, the local culture in Dunhuang, Buddhist culture, and the silk road culture, which may be called a research result on the stage, enjoying a self-evident value. Although the story in The Silk Road Strewn is polished by artists, the historical truth and national culture contained in the dance drama are not affected.

This paper has formed the results after a year of literature arrangement, data collection and on-the-spot investigation. In this paper, the writer thinks that there are similarities between the dance drama and the literary concept of motif, so this paper mentions that the soul of dance drama is the folktale, so it is very necessary to associate the concept of motif in the folk literature with the dance drama, explain phenomena with theories, and interpret the cultural factors behind the dance drama with the concept of motif. This paper holds that the research on the interdisciplinary interaction between dance and literature is inevitable so that the dance drama can not only have the artistic features of dynamic and intuitive natures, but also have the literary features of ideology and imagery, which is a new direction and perspective of dance research as well as an undeveloped field of dance and literature, forming a new paradigm of interdisciplinary research.

This thesis begins with the Dunhuang Culture is looking for the concept of Silk Road, Flower Rain of Dunhuang Culture, which will be traced the root of the culture factors.The chapter Two is the characteristic section, which is discussed deeply on the creation of concept or root of the Silk Road, Flower Rain and so on.The writer summed up the motif in the drama as three motifs, namely, gratitude, death, and causality. Through these three motifs, the dance drama gives a perfect interpretation of its historic significance and romantic atmosphere, reflecting the prosperous culture of the Tang Dynasty as well as the profound friendship between countries.The chapter three is that the author who expound the concept of Silk Road, Flower Rain on the side of the narrative learning and use the structuralism to analysis the concept of dance drama possibility.This last chapter mainly depict that we do the analysis of dance drama beauty appreciation to express the historical and educational significance.

This thesis deeply analyses the connectivity between dance drama and concept by above 4 parts and prove both two are interdependent.